"Cybergolf Pay" - Payment Processing

Cybergolf Pay Benefits Include:

  • Unlimited Transactions
  • No Setup Fees, Hidden Fees, Statement Fees, or Extra Transaction Fees
  • PCI Compliant
  • Secured with Bank-Level Encryption
  • No More 3rd Party Processing, Which Means Faster Support, and Resolutions for Issues
  • Direct Funding with Cybergolf Pay Means You Receive Your Funds the Next Business Banking Day
  • Integrated with Your Cybergolf Marketing/E-Commerce System, and GolfRev!


Do I need to enroll with Cybergolf Pay?

If you use your Cybergolf Marketing System for E-Commerce (Online Pro Shop/Online Events) or GolfRev, then we highly recommend that you to sign up for the Cybergolf Pay System to avoid putting your golf course or company at risk with the current PCI requirements.

How do I enroll for Cybergolf Pay?

Start by logging in to your Cybergolf Marketing System (https://www.cgmarketingsystems.com/broadcast/login.asp). If you need your login information, please email a request to help@cybergolf.com, and include the course, company, or club you need the login information for. Once you are logged in click on the link in the top right corner that says "Set up Payments".

Cybergolf Pay Setup Image

On the next screen you'll be presented with a form that you'll need to fill out. You'll want to have all of your business financial information at hand as you'll need your Tax ID, routing number, account number, business address, and other business information. Please note that you'll want to double check the information before submitting it, as incorrect information can result in a delay of setup.

I'm currently setup for manual processing, can I continue to process transactions through my point of sale system?

Yes, you can, however, please note that any liability for credit card fraud, chargebacks or bad transactions are a liability to your operation due to recent changes with PCI regulations.

Removing the human element from payment processing increases the security for all involved with the transaction. Additionally, running the card without the card present can result in higher fees paid to the payment processor. So enrolling in Cybergolf Pay will help you to keep costs low and security high, thus increasing your profits while decreasing your liability.

How/when are the processing fees invoiced/withdrawn?

Processing fees are electronically withdrawn via an Automated Clearing House (ACH) transaction on the first business day of the following month from the bank account you setup Cybergolf Pay with.

Do we receive the full amount or an adjusted amount minus processing fees?

You'll receive the full amount for any sales you make using Cybergolf Pay. At the end of the month we'll total up the transactions and auto-debit the fee from the account you setup with. You'll be able to see the fee deduction from the Transactions screen when your payment process is active. This is the same screen you use to manage/void/refund transactions.

Will we still receive online order notifications for online orders?

Yes, you'll continue to receive order notifications for online orders. However you will not need to run any transactions as the customer's credit/debit card is automatically run through the Cybergolf Pay System when the customer checks out.

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OB Sports Golf Management
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Rick Reed - PGA Professional
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The Cybergolf staff is superb in assisting with the architecture of the site and making it user friendly. In short, I give them my highest endorsement!