Email Marketing

An organized and consistent email marketing plan can generate in excess of over $250,000 in annual revenue.

The Cybergolf Email-Marketing system is very easy to use and extremely effective at generating revenue. You can create and send email-newsletters and specials in just minutes.

The Cybergolf Email Marketing System includes the following:

  • Unlimited Use
  • Unlimited Email Database Size
  • Unlimited Number of Databases
  • Easy to Use Email & E-newsletter Wizard
  • Cybergolf E-Marketing Manager
  • Monthly Marketing Themes
  • E-Coupons
  • Data Collection Form Wizard
  • Over 200 Email Themed Designs
  • E-Coupons Library - Over 100 proven specials
  • Online Marketing Consultant
  • E-Surveys
  • Birthday & Anniversary Clubs
  • Multiple Data-Collection Tools
  • Approved Bulk Sender with Major ISP
  • Seamless Integration with Online Pro Shop & Events
  • Auto List Management for Duplicate Emails & Unsubscribes
  • Full Email Blast Stats Tracking 
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Cybergolf is an integral technology partner with OB Sports. With their websites, email marketing tools and ecommerce functionality we are able to make our course websites become our marketing and revenue hubs."
- OB Sports Golf Management