About Cybergolf

It is hard to believe that time has flown by so fast since I started Cybergolf in 1995. I can remember when a 28.8 modem was considered fast and Netscape was the number one web browser in the world.

Back in 1995, Cybergolf was the first company to create dedicated websites for golf courses. Well, that was over 3000 golf websites ago and Cybergolf continues to lead the golf industry in online and mobile marketing solutions.

In 2000, we were the first company to create a dedicated email-marketing system for golf courses.

In 2002, we created the first streamlined e-commerce system for online pro shops and event registration.

In 2007, we created the first online golf video system and daily video show for the golf industry.

In 2008, Cybergolf was the first to create a social media and an invite system for golf courses and golfers called GolfVite.

In 2009, Cybergolf again lead the way with mobile websites for golf courses.

In 2010 Cybergolf was the first to offer a Text Messaging (True SMS) system for golf courses called TextGolfer.

In 2012, Cybergolf developed GolfRev daily deal technology for golf courses and golf businesses.

Recently, in 2014 Cybergolf launched a new Non-Barter Tee Time System designed specifically to help the golf industry.

As time goes by, Cybergolf continues to excel and lead the golf industry. We have built a dedicated group of golf industry veterans and an incredible technology team of experts.

I am proud to say that over 50% of our employees have been with Cybergolf for 10 years or longer! Our cohesive team allows us to create brilliant technology and effective marketing tools for our clients.

Looking forward, I am confident that Cybergolf will continue to lead the golf industry into the next generation of online and mobile marketing adventures. We look forward to serving our clients and our next 3000 websites!

Dan Murnan
Founder & CEO of Cybergolf

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Cybergolf is an integral technology partner with OB Sports. With their websites, email marketing tools and ecommerce functionality we are able to make our course websites become our marketing and revenue hubs."
- OB Sports Golf Management