Jeff's Journal

More Happy Trails - Washington

by Jeff Shelley

The following are some of the golf encounters I've had in my home state of Washington over the past 50-plus years.

More Happy Trails - Idaho

by Jeff Shelley

The following are some of the golf encounters I've had in the Gem State over the last 28 years.

More Happy Trails - Oregon

by Jeff Shelley

Here are a few encounters I've had in the Beaver State over the past 28 years.

More Happy Trails - Memories, Montana-Style

by Jeff Shelley

Writing about golf for the damn-near three decades has involved many serendipitous encounters. Here are a few from

Not-So-Happy Trails - Donald Trump

by Jeff Shelley

Along with slow play, difficulty, cost, alleged excessive water/chemical use, poor use of valuable land, and myriad

Happy Trails - Johnny Hoetmer

by Jeff Shelley

In trying to come up with some thoughts about my imminent departure from Cybergolf, I'll be throwing out a recollect

Gone Fishing - for Good

by Jeff Shelley

Everything must pass, George Harrison once sang. And so it goes for me.

Gone Fishin'

by Jeff Shelley

After about 15 years - and nearly 16,000 stories - without any extended vacations, I'm taking a few days off from th

Q&A with MaryLou Mulflur, Coach of the No. 1-ranked UW Women's Golf Team

by Jeff Shelley

The following is a Q&A with MaryLou Mulflur, the head coach of the University of Washington women's golf team. The H

Golf Book Roundup

Reviewed by Jeff Shelley

Here's a brief recap/review of some recent golf books I've received. They run the gamut: from personal obs
Visionary Developer of Eagle Bend Passes Away
Cybergolf Contributor Discusses 10th Anniversary as Golf Writer
Gamble Sands - A Winning Combination in Remote Eastern Washington
'Life from the Press Box' by Jim Street
Central Oregon Looks to Return to Glory Days - Part 3
Central Oregon Looks to Return to Glory Days - Part 2: Tetherow
Central Oregon Looks to Return to Glory Days - Part 1
Robin Williams' Legacy Extends to Golf
Golf Takes Step Back with High-Tech Distance-Measuring Devices
A Grand Obsession
Q&A with a Drive, Pitch & Putt Contestant - and His Father
'The Legendary Evolution of Pinehurst' by Richard Mandell
'Fore! Gone. Minnesota's Lost Golf Courses - 1897-1999'
A Q&A with Golf's Travelin' Man
U.S. Open Preparations at Chambers Bay Coming to Fruition
Rural Course Comes Full Circle
Back in the Emerald Isle - Part 3
Back in the Emerald Isle - Part 2
Back in the Emerald Isle - Part 1
Trending to Low-Tech
Cheer & Golfing in Reno-Tahoe
Golf Gadgets - A Winner & Some Also-Rans
Slow Play More Unseemly than Long Putters
Friends Remember Robin Nelson
Me & Al at the Ryder Cup
Late-Summer 2012 Golf Books
A Letter from Lake Orion
Revitalization of Black Butte's Two Courses Complete
Saying Yes
White Horse Enjoys New Look & Brighter Future
The Story of Anne Quast Sander - Part 3
Another One Bites the Dust
The Story of Anne Quast Sander - Part 2
Adios 2011; Hello '12
The Story of Anne Quast Sander - Part 1
Q&A with a Grand Strand Veteran
Building a New Track: The Finished Product - Part 3
Two New Jacobsen Hardy Treats in the Northwest
Bodenhamer Will be Missed in Northwest Golf Circles
Bandon Dunes Update
Myriad Stories
Are Golf & Farming No Longer Compatible?
The Dog Days of Golf
Golfing 'Barefoot'
Auto-Annoyance on the Golf Course
Yes Victoria, You Have Great Golf
Charting a New Course West of Seattle
What Just Happened Here?
Huntsman Springs: The Dream Materializes for its Namesake
A Legend in Northwest Golf Passes
Golf Proves Profitable for Washington State
Fired as a Course Rater
Do it for the Kids Tiger
Cybergolf's Sage Speaks His Mind
Giant Golf Books
Stick to the Politics Bill
Scotland: Where Golf is Part of the Social Fabric
Heading Off to the Old Course
Is the Ink Becoming Invisible on Newspapers?
Capitalizing on Emphasis
'Pete Dye Golf Courses' by Joel Zuckerman
Bandon Dunes' Keiser is at it Again
Color & Golf
Big Projects in the Works for Eastern Washington
New WSU Course Set to Open
Odds & Ends from the U.S. Open
More Odds & Ends from the Open
Odds & Ends from the U.S. Open - Part 3
Feats of Clay & Stern
Making the Monthly Rounds
Time Has Come Today
Christmas at the Club
Ode to a War Hero
Gary Player Deserves a Mulligan
South Sound Renaissance
Is Tiger Woods Bad for the PGA Tour?
Superintendent's Best Friend Calendars
If Bandon Can Draw Golfers from Around the World, Why Not Tacoma?
White Horse Golf Club: A Thoroughbred Chomping at the Bit
George Wright Golf Course: A Boston Gem
Building a New Track - Part 1
Golf Buds
Observations of a 'Tin Cup' Pro - Part 3: Seattle, Another Wife & Other Tales
Observations of a 'Tin Cup' Pro - Part 2: The New Orleans Connection & A New Invention
Meeting Charlie Schaubel
Golfcross: A New Way to Play the Game
These Guys Are . . .
The Little Course that Could Won't Anymore
Golf & Much More in the Magnolia State
Provincial Changes
Golf in Ireland - The Final Leg
Golf in Ireland Part 3 - Waterville & Tralee
Golf in Ireland - Portmarnock, Ballybunion & a Welcome Respite In Between
Golf In Ireland
Goin' Golfin' in Ireland
The State of the Game
Tiger As a Cub
Me & Freddie
The Ball Is the Target
Barrow Discusses First Tee Program
Good Medicine at Circling Raven
Traipsing Down the Audubon Golf Trail
March 29, 2004 - Strange Rounds (Part 1)
February 10, 2004 - Tiger is a Poa Pussycat
January 15, 2004. Guys & Girls
December 29, 2003 - Tree-Huggers & Bone Collectors
December 10, 2003 - Christmas Time in the City
November 6, 2003. Tale of the Dragon - Part 3
October 22, 2003. Tale of the Dragon - Part 2
October 22, 2003. Tale of the Dragon - Part 1
September 22, 2003. Green Committees
August 27, 2003. Salubrious
August 2003 - The 'Ponky' of the Pacific Northwest
June 23, 2003 - Whitefish, Big Sky Country
May 21, 2003 - In a Perfect World
May 8, 2003. Lamenting a Death in the 'Family'
April 25. Is There Anything There, There?
Followup to March 20:
March 20-23, 2003. Bandon Continued
March 20, 2003 - Bandon Dunes
& in the Clean-Up Position: Eldorado, Cabo Real, Jaime & Bing
The Third Stop:
Yet Another Side Trip: Cabo Night & Day
A Side Trip: Checking Out the Raven
Second Stop: Cabo's First Resort - Palmilla
First Stop: Cabo del Sol - Where the Sun Meets the Sea
Greetings from Cabo!