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Jim Flick Passes Away

A day after one of his prized pupils and best friends, Tom Lehman, won the Champions Tour's final event of the year, revered golf instructor Jim Fl...

SwingProfile Now Available via App Store for iPhone & iPad

October 29, 2012. Known for his work in the fields of artificial intelligence, neuro-computing and image processing, Dr. Zeke Chan might be the las...

TaylorMade Performance Labs - The Wave of the Future

by Joel Zuckerman

Golf writers get plenty of perks at the annual PGA Show held in Orlando in late January every year. These inclu...

Improve Your Pitch Shots

by Kiran Kanwar

In a pitch shot, the ball gains quick height and lands softly on the green with hardly any run after it lands. A ...

Improve Your Chipping - Part II

by Kiran Kanwar

In a chip shot, the ball has just enough height to land safely on the green, after which it rolls along the groun...

Improve Your Chipping - Part I

by Kiran Kanwar

With a chip shot the ball needs just enough height to land safely on the green, after which it rolls along the gr...

Start Making Short Putts

by Kiran Kanwar

Many golfers find it easy to lag long putts up close to a hole from several feet away, but then frequently miss ...

Simplifying the Chip Shot

by Kiran Kanwar

Have you ever stopped to wonder if the golf swing really needs to be so complicated - twist this, turn that, bend...

The Performance You Really Want

by Bob Duncan

It's April 2009, we've enjoyed another great Masters tournament and you're still wishing you could hit either that ...

The Minimalist Golf Swing - Part II

by Kiran Kanwar

If you happened to read "The Minimalist Golf Swing - better Distance, Direction and Trajectory for Any Golfer" an...
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The Minimalist Golf Swing - Get Better Distance, Direction & Trajectory
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