New Golf Health & Fitness Section on Cybergolf

It's with great pleasure we introduce a new section on Cybergolf. The Golf Health & Fitness tab on the left-hand side of our home page will be filled with tips for staying fit and healthy for golf, and how best to prevent golf-related injuries from happening in the first place.

Leading the charge for us is Dr. Larry Foster, aka "Dr. Divot." The New York-based Dr. Foster, an orthopedic surgeon, has a wealth of knowledge about the body and how golf - and bad swings - can cause damage.

Dr. Foster has written a book, "Dr. Divot's Guide to Golf Injuries - A Handbook for Golf Injury Prevention and Treatment," that provides guidelines for playing golf in a healthful manner. So without further ado, please click on and tee off on some techniques that will keep you on the golf course and not on the disabled list.    

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